Why every office needs a coffee machine

In the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee every day, so it should come as no surprise, that we do most of our coffee drinking at work. Indeed, many of us are unable to start our working day properly until we’ve had our caffeine hit. Today, we’re turning our attention to how this coffee is supplied in the workplace. You may caffeinate your employees with instant or cafetiere coffee, but we believe that no workplace is complete without a coffee machine – and we’ll tell you why.

The message

Business coffeeEvery choice we make in our businesses and brands says something about us. Consider the message you are sending out with each interior design option, each hue, each finish. A coffee machine speaks volumes about you as a company, and as an employer. A recent study of business people found, that 62% of respondents named a coffee bar as the most welcoming office reception. By installing a coffee machine, you’re ensuring that your clients, customers, and business partners are comfortable and refreshed before they even step into the meeting.


Employee happiness

Happy coffeeWe all know of the added pep to our day that a good cup of coffee can bring, by choosing a good quality coffee machine for your workplace, you are ensuring that your employees feel valued, and are able to experience the comfort that a good cup of coffee can provide, on demand. Indeed, 89% of employees believe that having a cup of coffee can improve an entire workday, considering it an important workplace perk.


Convenience and time efficiency

Social coffeeYour employees like good coffee, if you don’t provide it for them, they will take the time to seek it out themselves. By installing a good quality coffee machine, you’re ensuring that your employees don’t have to make that winter lunchtime trek to find a good cup of coffee.


Healthy boost

Coffee deskBelieve it or not, coffee has protective properties specifically related to extensive desk work. Studies by the National Institute of Health have found that drinking coffee can help to reduce neck, shoulder, forearm, and wrist pain, pain that is linked to sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time, and performing repetitive actions, such as typing, or moving a mouse.


The social factor

Happy coffee cupIt’s called a ‘coffee break’ for a reason. Taking time out to chat over the coffee machine allows employees to get to know one another and form closer bonds. This leads to stronger and more productive teams, which will produce a boost in your bottom line. Happy team, healthy profits, good coffee on tap. Who could argue?