The best officer member

There’s a member of your office who is severely undervalued. They work hard, motivating everything, and bringing a smile to their face every morning. They don’t ask for much from the team, they’re happy to give.

Looking around, wondering who it is?

Look to the kitchen, because today we’re discussing your office coffee machine.

As well as being one of the most giving members of your office, they also happen to be one of the most neglected. When it comes to maintenance and care, they are often bottom of the list, and this shows up in the taste of your coffee. We’ll be sharing our top tips on how to clean and maintain your office espresso coffee machine.

Looking after your machine

Espresso machineThe easiest step for coffee machine maintenance is to care for your machine as you go. Little steps to this can take five minutes out of your day, and save you hours of costly engineering. Firstly, the basics, flush the machine group before and after every use, and repeat with your steam wand. You’ll soon realise the value of this when you being tasting stale milk!

If is also advisable to learn how to backflush your machine, this is a lot easier than it seems at first, and you can learn more from this handy website. Backflushing involves running your grouphead, and scrubbing out all loose coffee, cleaning your blind filter, and flushing water through your machine, These handy tricks will not only keep your machine healthy, but it will seriously improve the taste of your coffee.

At the end of every working week, ensure you run a chemical backflush, using a quarter of a teaspoon of backflush powder, followed by another water backflush. It’s important to note that if you have a traditional lever espresso machine, you will not need to backflush it.

Quarterly maintainance

Implement a plan to ensure that your coffee machine has a proper deep clean on a periodic basis. We’re not talking ‘oh that’s not been done for ages’, mark this in your calendar for every four months. This will involve removing the tubes and nozzles, the interior sections, and all other components. This is vital to avoid mould and mildew build up. This can be a fiddly process, and it may be worth considering getting in an expert to help you out with this part.

The big clean

Every six months, it’s time to give your machine the attention it deserves, yes, Coffeewe’re talking ‘the big clean’. This involves all activities from your quarterly maintenance, but also includes;

  • Rebuilding the steam assembly
  • Rebuilding the water tap
  • Replacing the anti-suction valve
  • Cleaning the boiler level probe
  • Removing the body panels & cleaning any particle build up


Take a pause

Once you’ve treated your machine to such stellar love and attention, it’ll more than make up for it by providing you with fresh, clean, and (most importantly), delicious tasting coffee!