Preparing for Aquatech Amsterdam 2017

Regular readers know that, here at The Watercooler Today, we love to keep abreast of what’s up and coming in the water world. Our favourite way to do this is to attend key industry events and exhibitions, hosted at exciting locations throughout the world.

In today’s blog, we’re going to be discussing one of our favourite exhibitions, that will be taking place at the beginning of November, Aquatech Amsterdam 2017.

The Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition is the world’s leading trade exhibition for water technology professionals like us. The exhibitors are sharing the latest solutions and innovations, offering knowledge, connections, and industry insights.



AmsterdamOne reason we are so keen to attend this exciting event, is because it’s being held in the beautiful water city of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. Known to many as ‘The Venice of the North’, Amsterdam is build on a series of canal networks, built in the 17th century, that are used for transport, habitation, trades, and even a spot of sight seeing!

But there’s so much more to Amsterdam than water! This picturesque city is bursting with culture, from the  at at the Van Gogh Museum, the education set within the  Rijksmuseum, to the history at Anne Frank’s house, you can guarantee that your time spent in Amsterdam will never have a dull moment!

Get to know your colleagues in the water world

MeetingAnyone who’s anyone within the water industry will be attending this fantastic event. Aquatech Amsterdam offers visitors, attendees, and exhibitors the opportunity to meet and socialise with 850 exhibitors,  and key figures from the industry.

There will be a matchmaking session on November the 2nd, which will allow focused socialising with your industry colleagues. There will also be a boat tour social event  through Amsterdam’s famous canals.

Get your thinking cap on 

As well as a place to facilitate discuLibraryssion and networking, attending Aquatech Amsterdam allows individuals to grow as professionals, discovering the newest innovations and up and coming technology within the water water. Specifically, there will be specialised pavilions, with focused content and material on specific sectors including; industrial user experience, desalination, smart water networks, pipefitting, pumps and processing, and country specific content receptions and presentations.

Aquatech will also be hosting seminars, where industry experts will share their knowledge on innovation, the economy, climate change, cities, water scarcity, and many more topics.


Book your tickets today 


If you’d like to join us at Aquatech Amsterdam 2017, register today! Need one more reason to attend? It’s free!