Tea-ing off: The health benefits of drinking tea

It may come as a surprise to regular readers, but as well as enjoying coffee, we also enjoy an occasional cup of tea here at The Water Cooler Today. Drinking tea, particularly green tea, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, where it is touted to cure everything from headaches to depression. In the UK alone, 165 million cups of tea are consumed every day.
Today, we will be investigating the actual health benefits of drinking tea.
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Alternative waters : The line up

In recent years, beverage industry heavy weights have been upgrading the most essential refreshment there available, the humble bottle of water. Water is now available in every flavour under the sun, as well as sourced from all over the globe, and from every plant imaginable. With this plethora of options available, it can be difficult to decide just how we would like to consume our h20. Help is at hand, today we are talking you through the alternative waters available, and discussing whether they’re worth the extra money. Continue reading “Alternative waters : The line up”

Water sommeli-what?!

This week, we’re delving into the mysterious job role of water sommelier. Yes, you heard correctly, a sommelier for water. Usually a sommelier is a wine professional, who specialises in all elements of wine service and taste, as well as which wine suits specified food, a water sommelier does the same job… but for water! It takes years to qualify as a water sommelier and, frankly, we’re too lazy, but we asked a water sommelier to give us the basics of water tasting, and this is what they told us…

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Coconut oil coffee : Miracle drink or just plain nutty?

This week, we’re getting our coffee taste buds tingling with a spot of coconut coffee. We’re not talking coffee with a dash of coconut flavoured syrup, we’re talking coffee and coconut oil. This combination has been all over social media, with converts stating it boosts your metabolism and improves your immune system. Now we’re not too sure of the scientific evidence for these statements, but we do like a bit of coconut, and you know we like our coffee, so we decided to give it a try.
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Your throwaway coffee

You’ve enjoyed a lovely hot coffee from your local coffee shop, and you’re left with your empty paper cup. What do you do with it? If you said ‘place it in the recycling bin’, you would be incorrect. Believe it or not, your disposable coffee cup is not recyclable. That little recycling symbol on the side of your cup? Sneakily, it only refers to the corrugated cardboard cup holder. Continue reading “Your throwaway coffee”

Winter dehydration: Is it a thing?

If there’s one thing we know for sure about British winter, it’s that there’s a lot of water involved. Snow, rain, hail, there’s much precipitation occurring. With all this water, you’d think that winter hydration wouldn’t be a problem. In actual fact, the body’s thirst response is diminished by up to 40% in cold weather, so we don’t always realise we’re thirsty, and in turn, neglect to properly hydrate. In today’s blog, we discuss why this may be, and share our tips for keeping your water intake up as the temperature drops.

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Our dark journey into caffeine withdrawal

Are you sitting comfortably? We have a terrifying tale for you. This week, an office imp switched up our lovely full bean Arabica coffee…. for decaff. That’s right, decaffeinated coffee. We told you this was a scary story. We’ll tell you all about the terrifying effects of caffeine withdrawal, as well as the people we turned into, but first, in the interest of balance, we’ll tell you why they did it.
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Choosing the right water filter for your home

Fed up of limescale in your kettle? Find the taste of your tap water a bit off? Sounds like it’s time to invest in a water filter. The UK water filter market is enormous, with a cornucopia of product, technology, and price options, but never fear, The Water Cooler Today is here to make this decision easier for you. Let’s dive straight into what you should consider when purchasing a water filter for your home.

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