Attracting and retaining Millennial Facilities Managers

Here at The Watercooler Today, we are keen on keeping up with the latest trends and changes in the Facility Management World. That’s why today, we’re considering the newest emerging force of Facility Manager, the Millennial. By 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of facilities managers. This seismic change will bring about transformative shifts in working styles, preferences, and principles throughout the industry, that is why it is so important to take the time now to understand this newest cohort.

Who are the Millennials?


The MilleMillennial nnial generation were born in the years between 1980 and 1990. They’ve reached adulthood in a time where technology is king, and are accordingly adept with all things digital. With increased access to university and higher education, Millennials are the most educated group in the workforce, and prefer challenges and change to keep their young minds active.

Millennials in the workplace

Millennial at work

Millennials are a driving force for change in their working environment. They’ve grown up with choice and alternatives, and expect no less when they clock in at work. This generation demands flexible working hours, the ability to work outside of the office, as well as the chance to question established practices they view as outdated.

This openness to opportunity and change can look like a lack of commitment to employers, and whilst it is true that 71% of millennials in the workforce are open to new careers, a massive 88% of millennials would stay in a job if it offered them a variety of career paths and opportunities for promotion.

Work with meaning


Millennial at workGrowing up within a recession, in the wake of international conflicts, and an ever-changing political climate means that millennials are acutely aware of the social, cultural, and political sphere around them. Morals and principles matter to millennials, and they need to find purpose and meaning within their working day – working to live, not living to work. They overwhelmingly prefer to work for organisations who practice equality and equal opportunities, their only intolerance is for intolerance itself!



ConversationWe spend 22% of our average week in the workplace, and therefore, 22% of our average week with our colleagues and managers. It is important to millennials that these relationships are harmonious, and more than any other generation, they value frequent feedback from their managers and line managers, as well as social connections that are retained outside of the workplace.

Millennials as Facilities Managers


Millennial managerWhilst Millennials are the largest emerging force in the workplace, it appears they may need a little encouragement to emerge. As of 2014, only 1% of Millennials were studying Facilities Management at university, and only 43% of recent university graduates had heard of Facilities Management (Jones Lang Lasalle). The industry, in and of itself, needs to consider reaching out to this generation, lest it be left behind by innovative new talent. Firms should be looking to educate, train, and invest in their young talent, bending to the winds of change, and updating workplaces accordingly.