A review of budget water filters

Here at The Water Cooler Today, we’re firm believers that money should be no barrier to clean, filtered water. To that end, in today’s blog we will be reviewing water filter jugs available in the UK, that won’t break the bank, all weighing in at under £10.00.

Wilkinson’s – Aqua Advanced

Image sourced from Wilko.co.uk



Price: £7.00


Capacity:  1.5 litres


This nifty jug can filter 1.5 litres of water through an easy fill pour through lid. It also comes with a filter life indicator to let you know when to replace the filter. This jug is accompanied by a filter that lasts for thirty days, and replacements can be purchased for just £3.50. This jug is slimline, so should fit into your fridge door with ease, and has a soft grip handle to enable ease of use, however, it must be said, it is not the most attractive looking device in the world.


Buy the Aqua Advanced here


Tesco – 2nd Generation



Image sourced from Tesco.co.uk




Price: £8.50


Capacity:  2.3 litres



This basic jug system offers a whopping 2.3 litre capacity for just £8.50. It’s also complete with a multi-fit cartridge (meaning you can purchase replacement cartridges from most retailers). However, whilst the capacity and price for this jug is impressive, it has some definite negatives. Unlike most water filter jugs, the date indicators (a device that enables you to see when your filter cartridge requires replacing) is manual, the handle on this device is also hard plastic, which can be impractical and uncomfortable when the large jug is filled to capacity.


Buy the Second Generation Jug here



Asda – Home Water Filter Jug



Image sourced from Asda.co.uk




Price: £8.50


Capacity:  2.3 litres


We could write a review of this product… but it’s fairly clear to us that it is an exact dupe of Tesco’s 2nd Generation jug, just in a different colour!


Find the Home Water Filter Jughere


Aqua Optima – Liscia White Jug

Image sourced from Argos.co.uk




Price: £5.39


Capacity:  2.5 litres


Coming in at £5.39 at a capacity of 2.5 litres, this jug is an absolute steal. It is a slimline jug, meaning it can slide inside your fridge door without obstructing closure. This jug has an easy fill lid, and soft grip handle, so using it could not be easier. Unlike most of the jugs we tried out, the Aqua Optima filter lasts for sixty days, our only complaint? This jug system has no expiration indicator, so it’s down to you to remember when those sixty days are up.


Find the Liscia Jug here



Brita – Aluna



Image sourced from Amazon.co.uk




Price: £10.00


Capacity:  2.4 litres


The industry heavyweight, Brita, weighs in at the upper limit of our affordability scale, with the Aluna pricing up at £10.00. So, what do we get for this price? The Aluna offers 2.4 litre capacity (although only a 1.4 litre capacity filtered). However, it does come with an electronic memo cartridge to let you know when it’s complementary Brita MAXTRA cartridge requires replacing. The downside to this bargain jug? When you do wish to replace the cartridge, the Brita branded filters do tend to be more expensive than generic or supermarket branded cartridges.


Find the Aluna jug here



Yukong – Filter Kitchen Water Purifier



Image sourced from Amazon.co.uk




Price: £5.55


Capacity:  2.5 litres


Our second cheapest on our bargain jug list, this jug is not short of features. With an overall capacity of 2.5 litres, and a filtered capacity of 1.3 litres, this product can easily cater for a family. It has an easy fill flip lid, and an easy grip non slip handle so it is relatively easy to fill and dispense. However, as a cylindrical shaped jug, it may not be as easy to slide into your fridge door as some of the other jugs on our list, but at £5.55, we’re not sure we mind so much!



Find the Yukong Water Purifier Jug here.



And the winner is…



It’s a tight competition, and the jug you choose should depend on your requirements, but our favourite all rounder has to be the cheapest jug of the bunch – the Aqua Optima Liscia. Not only do we love the price, but we love how easy this little jug is to use. What water filter jug do you use in your home? Let us know in the comments.